Saffron's Enigmatic Creative Process (INTERVIEW)

Meet eighteen year-old, alternative pop artist Saffron Collins who’s bringing her unique sense of style to the international indie music scene in Dubai and beyond.

Saffron epitomizes the qualities of a true artist with her self-proclaimed “enigmatic” creative process and her constant desire to experiment. Caitlyn discovered Saffron’s music last year and instantly became a fan. She is more than thrilled to share this interview and Saffron's music with all of you!

Welcome to Camp Cadmium! Do you mind introducing yourself to our community? What genre would you consider your music to be under?

I’m Saffron, I’m eighteen. At the age of seven I moved from the UK to Dubai and have just moved back to the UK for university. The instrument that I play the most is guitar; I’ve always felt connected to the instrument if that makes sense *laughs*. I can play the piano, although not amazingly. And then I’ve taught myself the bass upside down and can play a few things on the drums. I guess I would consider myself a multi-instrumentalist. The music I make tends to fall under the genre of alternative pop/R&B sort of grooves.

I’m passionate about lots of things. I love anything music, from intimate small gigs to live DJ events.

I love to travel and be independent, being outside, going out, clothes, fashion, anything creative really.

What has inspired your musical pursuits/what do you think has had the biggest influence on your artistic style?

Two artists come to mind whenever I make music: Amy Winehouse and this band called the Doves. I definitely feel as though these artists have been deeply embedded within my creative subconscious whenever I make songs. At the moment, I’ve been really inspired by Ari Lennox. Shea Butter Baby and BMO have also leaned me in the genre of R&B.

What’s the indie music scene like in Dubai?

What Indie music scene? *laughs*

There isn’t much of it around. Predominantly, people in Dubai are influenced by hip hop and rap culture which is defined within fashion and the type of events going on there.

There’s a couple bands still providing shoegaze/indie music, but it’s very small. My good friend Oscar Stokes, who is the leader of Flowershop, is still making stuff. His new music gives me Aphex Twin/Brian Jonestown Massacre vibes which is sick and definitely different for Dubai.

You’re also in a psychedelic/shoegaze band, Flowershop! Stylistically, Flowershop differs from your independent work published under “Saffron”. What’s it like being able to experiment with different styles of music as an artist?

I’m quite versatile; I love most genres of music, so being able to play Slowdive/My Bloody Valentine inspired music interests me as it’s something a bit different. And it’s just fun making loads of noise and focusing on my guitar rather than my vocals, etc.

One of our hopes for Camp Cadmium is for it to evolve into a community-centric art platform that acts as a creative support system for those involved. You have and continue to do a lot of collaborative work with other artists - how have these experiences helped you as an artist and affected your own work?

They’ve helped me grow as an artist for sure. When you encounter various musical experiences with other artists you get to see how they process things creatively and it’s interesting to observe and imitate little things that could impact and help you when recording music.

We’re excited to share your music with our friends and our community! What’s your favorite song you’ve made so far/which song are you most proud of?

My ‘favourite’ song varies to be honest. Whenever I make a song and I really love it, I’ll play it on repeat for two days and slowly become bored of it. So I can’t really answer that question sorry!

We love that you write and produce your own music! How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is strange. It’s quite enigmatic really.

I’ll just have a vision in my brain, it always starts off like that. Somehow I can just hear notes and music and different sorts of harmonies conjuring up within my brain.

Or, it could start off with lyrics. I tend to write a lot of poems or just words or phrases in this little book I have which is just full of how I feel about myself and others and life in general.

If I’m really on a roll with my creativity it’ll take me 2-3 hours to complete the bones of a rough mixed song.

What album/artist inspires you most? What song have you been playing on repeat lately?

Amy Winehouse - Frank

Right now I’m listening to a song called Deep Six by Alix Perez which I love.

As you already know, we love your work and we’re excited to hear more...any new projects you’re working on/goals you’d like to

accomplish in the future? Do you ever plan to tour/play shows in the U.S.?

Well, I’m going to record music at Universal Studios London in October which I’m super excited for. Right now, I’m focusing more on myself as a producer rather than as an artist as I’m studying music production at university. I would love to play shows in the U.S., but someone would have to pay for it! *smiles* *laughs* I’m broke!

(Caitlyn: Relatable!)

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Saffron's music!

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