Key Store - What Started It All

“Hey! Why don’t we just quit school and run a key store instead?”

Caitlyn circa August 2018

This is a three panel, graphic design piece by Caitlyn and Michelle. The first panel on the left represents Michelle’s interpretation of the friendship. The third panel represents Caitlyn’s interpretation of the friendship. The middle panel is a joint creation which seamlessly blends elements from both Michelle and Caitlyn’s designs, much like CAMP CADMIUM serves as an intersection of their creative visions.


Left Panel by Michelle

Blue subway tiles → NYC trip

Beads → our first creative endeavor

Brick wall → somewhere in SoHo

Rainbow bruise → Caitlyn’s convinced she had a special rainbow bruise when she ran into a pole in Portugal

Baseball ring → our engagement ring to each other

Middle Panel by Michelle & Caitlyn

Key → unlocking our artistic energy

Squiggly boiz → the path from Michelle to Caitlyn’s house

Phrenology map → see “Cadmium Curated” for reading recs!

Bubble wrap → a source of entrepreneurial inspiration

Stained glass window → somewhere in D.C.

Right Panel by Caitlyn

Water → radio static though

Film strip → somewhere in D.C.

Warren Middle School → where our friendship first developed/the location of our first creative endeavour

Statue of woman → because women are cool.

Green circle → representation of CAMP CADMIUM