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Throughout our freshman year of college, we had planned on shooting some editorial-style photography over the summer. We wanted to mess around with art direction and new mediums of expression we had not yet explored. When we started planning our “shoot," we soon realized that our ideas outgrew our original plan...we needed help from others to bring our concepts to life.



To put it simply, we enjoy story-telling through creative mediums and CAMP CADMIUM is a space for that. Think of it as a community platform where you can share any experimental artistic ideas or concepts you have.

Alternatively, it’s a place where we hope to ‘promote’ other creative projects you’re working on.

Our forms of storytelling range from (but are not limited to) our digital zine, community features, Cadmium Curated, and other external collaborations.

It is a developing vision that we hope will expand and evolve as we do.


Thank you for your open-mindedness!

Much love,

Caitlyn & Michelle

Oh, and make sure to check us out on Instagram @campcadmium!

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